Its coming up to that time of year again! Tax time and what a perfect time it is for the malicious scammers out there to try and get their cut of your pie!

So it's a perfect time for us to remind you to beware, to be on the lookout and particularly remind you not to trust an email that you may receive which on first glance may 'seem' to be legitimate.  If a tax letter comes to you and it is not from us, be on-guard; call us if you are in doubt.

From time to time we all get emails that 'seem' to be genuine and in haste we may follow through by clicking on the links that are provided which are designed to 'get us in'. We encourage you to always make it your practice to think twice.  One rule of thumb is to see whether they have addressed you by your Name.

From time to time I get an email from PayPal, something inside me always questions if it is genuine and so I never follow the links through. I figure that if PayPal have something to tell me they will let me know when I log into my account.

At present, as in most of the time, there are emails going around that look very official, with the official crest and all, particularly  in reference to tax refunds. After all who doesn't want a tax refund?

It's always safer to contact us if you are not sure.   Over the years we have seen so many scams come through.

Here is a link to the Consumer Affairs Victoria website which provides a LOT of information that can be helpful to us all and this particular link is about scams!

Government Agency Scams:

Cam Richmond
Client Services Co-Ordinator