Marketing in the past 5 to 10 years has changed dramatically.  

In the good old days, we put an advertisement in the paper 

or journal and waited for the phone to start ringing.  

I recently read an interesting paper base on results of Lead Response Management research conducted by James Oldroyd, PHD, Ohio State
University & Dave Eltkington, CEO  

It confirmed my belief, that businesses still need to incorporate good old-fashioned lead generation (telephoning prospects) with modern marketing activities. If you want to grow your business, you still need to pick up the
phone and personally engage with your prospects.  We have been doing just
that at RWA for the past 2 years.  

" For a baby boomer like myself it all seemed to hard"

Nowadays it's all about your digital profile, marketing via email campaigns, social media. Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, SEO, Twitter and Ad Words.

It has been a challenge for many of us to get our heads around the new marketing applications. For a baby boomer like myself it all seemed too hard until a young undergraduate came on board to teach me the ropes. 

I now combine the new technologies with good old-fashioned lead generation to improve conversion from a lead into a sale. Picking up the phone and having a conversation with prospects is a proven key to closing more sales.

How Much Time Before Web- Generated Leads Go Cold?

Here are a couple of  key points from the research paper you may find interesting.

  •  77.17% of all leads submitted never received a phone call even though calling results in 70% better chance of conversion.

  •  The optimum time to respond to a lead generation though digital marketing is 5 to 12 attempts and the average is only 4.47.

So the bottom line is, make sure that you have a sales system in place to quickly respond to leads generated through marketing activities and ensure you make sufficient attempts to get hold of the prospect.

If you need assistance with your sales strategy and lead generation Kris and her team may be able to help.

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