A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; 

an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

......Winston Churchill


Ever heard the definition of luck? It is when "preparedness meets 

opportunity" Guess what? Opportunities are always around us. 


A major difference between really successful businesses and 

unsuccessful businesses is that the leader or business owner and/or

the team is prepared to make decisions and take actions.

It is very easy to be distracted by news of doom and gloom.


In challenging times that well Lead businesses for become strong and

really reap the big rewards when the market cycle actually changes 

(which is always does.) The secret is test & measure strategies and do

more and more of those that actually work when proactively implemented.


It is in challenging times that well lead businesses to become strong and

really reap the big rewards when the market actually cycle changes 

(which it always does). The secret is to test & measure strategies and do

more and more of those that actually work when proactively implemented. 


This principle also applies to looking at your current business structures

and processes to ensure that you are protected in the in case of an unexpected

event or business downturn. 


We have seen a number of business owners come to see us when something has

gone wrong in their business.Unfortunately by the time they come to see us it is

sometimes to late. They didn't have the adequate protection or structures or

processes in place to navigate the unexpected, often with costly repercussions.


The lessons we can learn from other's mistakes, is to obtain good advice from

experienced advisers, setup properly, review the setup from time to time as as

circumstances change.  If there is a looming problem,don't put your head in the

sand: get some sound help as early as you possible can. 


If you would like to discuss growth strategies and or business structures to 

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