Did you know? 

    Fact – 74% of Australians say their number 1 financial goal 

is to own
    their own home – Debt Free

    Fact – 60% of Australians are set to retire WITH a Mortgage…

In today's
    cashless society, it is becoming increasingly 

difficult to keep track of
    what we are spending our money on.

    When we use cash, we can physically see how much we hand over,
    what we get back and how much we have left. When we use a card,
    we don't keep track of how much we spend or where it goes, and it
    is very easy to blow a big hole in our budget.

Even those who are meticulously organised can easily lose track. We have multiple bank accounts, and we don't keep track of
what comes in versus what goes out. At the end of each month, we hope that we have something left over for our goals and

We need to stop this and start putting ourselves first.  The most important thing is our happiness, and happiness comes from
security - security in our relationships and certainty in our ability to keep a roof over our head, keep the power on, have a bit
of fun, and still work towards financial freedom so that at some point we can stop working and retire.We need to save first
and spend second.

The first step to making this happen is to get organised. Decide what your monthly budget is, decide to save money for your
future before you spend money for today, put a plan in place to make this happen, and then track your efforts.

Wadeson Money Management will help you with this and track your progress, so you can reap the benefits without
having to put in all the hard work.

If you would like to:

•        Pay your home off FAST?

•         Manufacture Equity?

•         Create a secure financial future for your family?

•         Beat the banks at their own game?

•         Learn the formula for financial success?

•         Save money on your home loan – guaranteed?

Then we suggest you engage with Wadeson's trusted Money and Finance specialists.

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